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Karate journey in Portugal

Sensei's Blog 2022.01.07
Szilard Zohner JSKA Shihankai Member

There are things I will always remember, such as my first karate class, my first Dan degree in the early eighties, my strong determination to follow the Karate-Do and become a karate instructor, then a master, my participation in various national and international courses,  camps and championships during the last 45 years as a teacher and referee,  and also our parallel few days vacation with my wife.

These special moments are all linked up with some celebrations in our life, and these experiences are always great to remember. Such a beautiful experience was the lovely journey we had in November 2021 in Portugal. 

We arrived at Lisbon, Estoril, invited by Pinto Sensei to meet the Shihankai members and to participate in the preparation work of JSKA Europe’s foundation document. We also had a short seminar held by the European Shihankai members and a great international competition organized by JSKA Portugal. 

Despite the Covid restrictions, it was nice to meet the other Shihankai members again, spending a few days together with them and with their lovely teams.

Thanks to Pinto Sensei’s hospitality we enjoyed the beautiful sightseeing in Estoril and Cascais and the authentic Portuguese gastronomy. 

In the following days, after several technical discussions, we accepted the rules of the new association, having established the JSKA Europe. Founder members of our new organization:

– Dieter Flindt Sensei

– Hans Müller Sensei

– Vilaca Pinto  Sensei

– Thagva Khosro  Sensei

– Mike McCusker Sensei

– Zohner Szilard  Sensei

We all hope that we will remain a strong team and will be able to build up a successful, honest and steady organization!

Before the competition, JSKA Europe Shihankai members offered free seminars and teachings to the participants followed by successful Dan examinations.  After the competition, we had a nice Sayonara party. 

Thank you, Portugal and to your lovely people for this beautiful experience! We will keep you always in our hearts and I am sure that we will go back again!

I wish everyone to visit this beautiful, charming country!


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