JSKA - The Japan Shotokan Karate Association




The JSKA is a Karate organization based in Japan.

JSKA is pursuing karate as a martial art.

We teach a dynamic karate style which places emphasis on speed, power, and the ability to cover distance by using the entire body efficiently, whilst incorporating the training with science.
Our techniques are full of energy and functional beauty. This training style continues to evolve more and more all around the world.

JSKA guidance and training are provided solely by our certified instructors.

Students can learn consistent and advanced techniques anywhere in the world. They can expect safe and effective lessons. The qualifications of our instructors are renewed rigorously on a yearly basis. You can find the list of our certified instructors on the JSKA website.

JSKA instructors are all excellent karateka and wise educators.

All our instructors practice strict karateka training and karate is their way of life! They understand the deeper benefits of what diligent karate practice can bring. Our instructors know how to bring out the best in each student. JSKA instructors offer continuous support with their comprehensive knowledge, experience and passion.

JSKA’s training contributes to physical and mental health.

Karate does not only enhance physical ability, but also activates the brain, nerve system, blood flow and internal organs, contributing to a healthy and functional body.
By the time a person has practiced for some time and become a blackbelt, they will surely experience the moment that is free from tiredness, anger, anxiety and physical tension through our intense practice. This is what we call the ”Zen moment”, the moment that Samurai experienced between life and death. This is also why karate is called  “Moving Zen“.

JSKA offers Leaders program through Bushido.

JSKA karate’s background lies in the tradition of Japanese Bushido, just like any of the other Japanese martial arts. Our pillars are politeness, strict self-discipline, sincerity, humility, respect, a studious attitude of both pen and sword, and daily practice. The most important value of the samurai was to remain calm in times of crisis and to fulfill their duty to the society.
We believe that even in a peaceful, modern society, it is important to work for the well-being of others based on the bushido spirit. To build up the attitudes and qualities of a leader, JSKA provides a Leaders program based on these principles.

JSKA supports growth of character in children.

There are many difficulties in life. Sometimes things can be unfair, painful, or even dangerous. Parents wish that their children will become people who can withstand these hardships. The rigorous practice of karate is a process by which they can find solutions to difficulties and develop their personalities. We believe that the invaluable experience received at the JSKA will be a proud asset for children in their future.

JSKA is a global family.

Competitions and events held by the JSKA in various places around the world are a good opportunity to test skills and experience the excitement of sports and team unity. Furthermore, the events are enjoyable to participate in and offer a chance to train with the other members. They are also a friendship bonding opportunity because many members connect with each other at the events and often form long-lasting relationships. In today’s digital era, we are also able to offer global communication via online classes.

Value of JSKA DAN

There is a great milestone in all areas of Budo called the “Dan”. Black belts or Dan grades are globally recognized as awe-inspiring achievements. Each level of Dan achieved can give a great sense of personal fulfillment.
Originally, the Dan grade was for the master to certify the honor and ability of his disciple to the public. However, there are many dubious Dan qualifications issued around the world today and it concerns us very much to find these fake JSKA Dan diplomas.
We are taking appropriate measures to counter this issue and JSKA Dan attainments will also be announced on our website. JSKA strictly controls the issuance of every Dan.

JSKA Karate is a martial art that continues to grow over a person’s lifetime.

Another characteristic of Japanese Martial arts is that they continue to evolve as a person grows older. Unfortunately, speed and power begin to decline at the age of 30, but in karate, focused movement and control make up for this decline over the years. In addition, the spiritual element plays a big role in the journey forward, and this leads to limitless potential and growth.
Eventually, we can reach the point where it is possible to win without fighting and to control an opponent with wisdom and virtue.
Karate is a powerful, lifelong journey!