JSKA - The Japan Shotokan Karate Association


Q & A

Q. I have no experience of karate. Is it possible to join your organization?

  • Yes, it is possible to join us without having any karate experience. Everyone starts as a beginner.

Q. From what age can children start practicing Karate?

  • Usually it is possible to start from 5 years old, however, please check  the minimum age requirement with your local dojo.

Q. I am 70 years old  and I have zero karate experience. Am I allowed to join a JSKA dojo?

  • Yes, karate as a martial art can start from any age. At our organization we welcome everyone from zero experience to very experienced and from young to older.

Q. What do I need to start practicing karate?

  • You will need only the karate uniform or as we call it in Japanese “Karate-gi”. These can be bought in local dojos or it is also possible for us to ship it.

Q. What kind of karate training does your organization teach?

  • There are three types of practice, kihon (basic), Kata (karate forms for self training ) and Kumite (sparing). Karate is a fighting method using all your body. When you make a move in karate all of your body, mind and spirit become as one.

Q. In the past I practiced another karate style and got a black belt. I would like to ask if it is possible to transfer my dan to your organization?

  • You have to be approved of your present grade by our JSKA Shihankai. After that it is possible to transfer your grades to the JSKA. In special cases, we might ask you to take an examination as well.

Q. How can I join the JSKA organization?

  • Please ask  at your local Dojo. You can find a dojo close to you on our world map site. Click here for further information: https://jska.jp/world-dojo

Q. How can I affiliate with the JSKA ?

You are able to affiliate with us directly. Kindly check our website on the Registration page -> Affiliation.